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About us is a Wholesale Supplier of Bare Root Perennials directly shipped from the Netherlands. is a dedicated supplier of premium Bare Root Perennials to growers, retail centers, and the public across the United States and Europe.

The company has the enormous advantage of an operating base in the Netherlands, centrally located close to the best Perennial growers in the world. Coupled with the knowledge and experience of the Rotteveel family, who have been growing and trading flower bulbs from out of Holland for four generations, can ensure customers the highest quality Bare Root Perennials combined with personalized and service-oriented flower bulb expertise. We work with an enthusiastic crew who are dedicated to maintaining the quality and principles that have been the backbone of our company for years.

"Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality Bare Root Perennials available on the market. With our efficient, reliable and friendly service, we aim to create positive, long-lasting relationships."

We hope you will enjoy browsing our website, with many new varieties!

Kind regards,


Ben van Egmond



'From left to right: Ben, Beth, Joseph, Nico, Mark, Simon, Stefan, Isabella, Pete, Patricia, David'