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Our Quality

Our Commitment to Quality:

At we work with the world's best perennial growers in Holland and are committed to providing our customers with only the highest quality bare root perennials.

We personally visit our growers to ensure continued quality of production, careful handling and efficient distribution. We also select differentiated varieties that are specifically bred for cut flower and pot use.

As a distributor of premium quality bare root perennials, provides:

- Vigorous, young, topsize bare root perennials that produce fuller plants with high bloom quantity.

- Varieties that are specifically bred for small, medium and large pot production as well as for cut flower, landscape and garden use.

- A fresh, young product that is never recycled from old cut flower blocks or other stock.

- Healthy roots that have been carefully protected against virus exposure via an F1 production system that categorically prohibits shipping carry-over production from tissue-culture offsets, planting stock, etc...

- Cultural guidelines that are updated regularly by the most concerted perennials research program in the world and further augmented by information from a customer base of growers around the globe.


'After a very strict USDA-inspection we start packing Hostas for one of our customers'